It is a familiar problem for many of us, both in our professional and our private lives:

You want more freedom to focus on the tasks that are really important, develop new ideas, start working on creative projects or just take some time for yourself. And yet the endless flood of paperwork, tedious chores or unforeseen events such as a temporary absence of staff or other bottlenecks make your desk and mind overflow and consume valuable time and energy.
Why not let me relieve you of that burden? Whether you are a
or a
private client
, you will benefit from my wide range of secretarial and personal assistance services tailored to your needs.   Entrust me with your office work, make me your personal assistant or let me help you manage your home. You can be sure that I will always handle your jobs with professional competence, reliability and a deep sense of responsibility.
The following pages provide you with an overview of what I can do to simplify your life.
Let me help you focus on the essentials of your business or your personal life.
Manuela Clauß
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People who have time

are always people who do not believe

in doing everything themselves.

Emil Oesch (German writer, poet and philosopher)
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